Industrial Engraving products

At Elite we can engrave, etch or reverse etch your logo or any text into many substrates such as brass, steel, aluminium or plastic with many colours or finishes available. We can offer any sizes and have a large format machine which can handle materials up to 3metres x 1.3metres

Large format etched sign 3metres x 1.3metres

Elite can add Serial Numbers, Safety data, Company information to nameplates, control panels, mimic overlays, legends and plates, plaques, sundials, artworks/installations. If you can produce it in metal we can engrave it. Have critical information permanently engraved & easy to read make people aware of Voltage, Amps, Phase & any other warnings they may need to adhere to.

Engraved Brass Plaques

Brass plaques have uses in many different places, wether for signage for a Dr’s Surgery or as use as a commemorative plate mounted on a wooden background.

Engraved Stainless Steel Plaque

We can etch or engrave any company logo and/or text into a stainless steel plate with brushed satin or mirror polished finishes available.

Etched engraved stainless steel sign
Etched, engraved stainless steel with fine detail

Engraved Aluminium Plaques

Aluminium plaques can be engraved from artwork supplied and finished in a brushed satin or mirror effect.

Etched Engraved aluminium plate
Etched, engraved aluminium, produced in house at Elite Engraving

Traffolyte Labels

Traffolyte labels are long lasting, can be shaped to order and make ideal key fobs for hotel rooms and places where easy identification is required. Traffolyte is an ideal substrate for Hazard Warning signs and car park signs.

Engraved and shaped, traffolyte labels

Desk/Door Signs and Badges

We can produce door and desk signs in many different materials and finishes. Keep your business brand consistent throughout your building with engraved door and access signs.

Door signs with wooden mounts
Door and workplace signage

Bar, Hotel and Restaurant Signs

Give your hospitality business the edge with bespoke signs. We can produce signs in many different formats, in full colour with many different finishes. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Reverse etched brass plate

Light Fabrication work

Elite can fabricate and produce many different types of metal forms in house at our dedicated production facility.

Light metal fabrication work by Elite Engraving
Light fabrication work of a PC chassis, producd in house by Elite Engraving

Screen printing

Elite can screen print onto many different substrates to give the end user the finish they require.

Screen Printing by Elite Engraving
Screen printed polycarbonate overlay

Anodic printed panels and labels

Anodic printing on aluminium plate offers a scratch and solvent proof finish ideal for hard wearing signs in industrial environments. Contact Elite Engraving to discuss any needs you have in this area.

Anodic printed panel, ideal for industrial environments

Control Panels

Control panels of all sizes can be produced in house at Elite out of many different materials, printed and finished in any way the customer requires. Contact us for more information.

Control panel, manufactured in house

Reverse Etched Stainless Steel Sign

Bespoke pub and restaurant sign, featuring the pubs branding. Produced in house by Elite Engraving Ltd.

Bespoke pub and restaurant signage.

Commercial Products

Formed Bronze Etched Tray Signs

We can produce bespoke items to make any restaurant or bar stand out from their competition. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Bespoke formed bronze signs produced in house

Brass Sun Dial

Fine detail brass sun dial, manufactured in house

Fine detail brass sun dial